Why I’m moving to Berlin

Every so often, The Guardian re-publishes a little article describing a surge of young people moving to Berlin from London to pursue creative jobs. I never understood why those aspiring and talented people couldn’t find the same careers in London, which is constantly being described by the media as a creative ‘hub of opportunity’.“London is open!” shouts Sadiq Kahn from his latest campaign.  I certainly felt the same way until I faced the problem so many non-conventional workers shying away from financial services endure– the rising costs purely designed for a white collar industry workforce.

London doesn’t want to guide your hand and wait for your success. London will only accept your friendship once you’ve reached the top of the ladder, the lion of the food chain. I’m putting this lightly – if you’re a struggling musician or artist it’ll be nothing but pot noodles until you reach the glitzy lights of Mayfair, and let’s be honest, it’s only a small percentage that makes it that far.

Britain is planning to begin the process to leave the EU in March, making a move to Europe substantially more difficult, what will the future lie for the young British deseperately trying to clutch onto the red of their passport before it drains to blue?

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