It’s easy to boost your influence, just keep writing!

Did you hear the viral story about The Shed? One Vice writer turned his backyard garden into the most popular ‘restaurant’ in South London. The restaurant didn’t exist, nor did the exquisite food, (he painted a toilet cleaner bright orange soufflé coloured for the restaurant food images) but the content he was produced, albeit fake, was genuinely causing a huge influence on the Internet and he managed to score number 1 on Trip advisor through a meticulous plan…

I strongly believe personal networking and influence is just as critical for your career than what you do inside the workplace. I see a lot of people looking for careers in digital marketing who haven’t yet started gaining experience in the workplace – the industry is getting more and more competitive, but there IS one easy way to land the job without previous experience – I also speak to a lot of people in my role looking for answers to progress to senior to board level – this speaks for all of you out there – start working on your personal brand, whether it be Twitter, Medium or your own WordPress site (like this one!)

Work-life balance:

  1. Churn out content relevant to your niche audience
  2. Keep it consistent – do updates regularly, show off what you can do
  3. Test your abilities on your own brand
  4. Publish your work

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